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Phare Uptime

Brilliant uptime monitoring

Receive alerts when your website goes down, work on incidents with your teammates and keep your customers informed with status pages.

Phare website uptime monitoring
Phare is trusted by 100+ startups, agencies, and SMBs
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  • Wizards Technologies

Reliable uptime monitoring

Be informed of downtime on your website or server before your customers. Monitor lower than average response time, or misconfigured SSL certificates.

Monitor website with HTTP(s) endpoints, or server with TCP sockets.

Run monitoring checks from six locations in America, Europe or Asia.

Know when your SSL certificate is expiring or misconfigured.

Website monitoring dashboard
Website monitoring dashboard

Collaborative incident management

It's ok to go down, what matters is how fast you can get back up. Get the support you deserve to cope with stressful downtime with intelligible incident management.

Choose when incidents should send you a notification on your favorite channel.

Review the incident timeline, and work on a fix with your teammates.

Status pages

Keep your customers in the loop with a sleek status page. Build trust with transparent communication on incidents and maintenance periods.

Easy to customize with your brand's color, custom domain and modular components.

The most carbon-efficient status page on the market. We did the math.

Status page
Alerting system

Flexible alerting system

Phare Uptime use a powerful alerting system that can be customized for each project, and integrate with your favorites tools.

Zero-configuration with our default alerting policy, or create your own.

Route each notification to the appropriate channel, add rate limiting to prevent overload.

Phare Platform

Experience a seamless command center

Imagine a life without the hassle of switching between multiple tools, subscriptions and credentials. That's your life enlightened by Phare.

User management

Recreate your organization structure with unlimited members, and projects.

User management


Connect your favorite tools with Phare to streamline your workflow and automate your processes.



Simplify your accounting with an unified billing process, no hidden fees, no strings attached.

Wizards Technologies

“Phare is really easy to set up and has been a part of our technological stack for a few months. The product already offers a lot, and is updated frequently with new features.”

Lucas Moisan
Lucas Moisan
Co-founder of Wizards Technologies

The best gift for your team, and your business

Phare offers a generous free monthly usage with unlimited team members. No credit card required, no hidden fees, no strings attached.

Phare website uptime monitoring