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Pricing that grows with you

Start for free or with a flat subscription, opt-in for additional usage when you grow.



For the hobbyists, solopreneurs and indiehackers.

  • Unlimited user

  • Unlimited projects

  • 100 000 monitoring events

  • Email support


49€ /mo

For professional teams, from early stage to enterprise.

  • Unlimited users

  • Unlimited projects

  • 3 000 000 monitoring events

  • 100 SMS / Voice alerts

  • Email + live chat support

Phare is trusted by 100+ startups, agencies, and SMBs
  • ByLawyers
  • Scaleway
  • MeetAnyway
  • Wizards Technologies

Need more? We got you covered

You have total control on additional quotas, no surprise in your monthly invoice.

Phare Platform


Organization users

Number of users you can invite into your organization.


Number of projects you can create in your organization.


Number of external tools you can connect to Phare.


Number of alerts you can receive each month, excluding SMS and voice.

SMS / Voice alerts

Each SMS or Voice alert notification sent count for one credit.


Available support channels.


Monitoring events

Each monitoring check is counted as a monitoring event. A basic monitor checking two regions every minute yield 90k monthly events.

Status pages

Number of status page you can create in your organization

Total cost (excluding VAT)

Contact us for volume discount.

We contribute 2% of our revenue to carbon removal

Frequently asked questions

You could not find the answer to your question? Contact Us!

Can I use Phare for free?

Phare offer an unlimited free plan that should cover all your needs for a single small to medium project. The Free plan include unlimited users and projects with a limited amount of monitoring events every month.

How are monitoring events calculated?

An event is counted every time Phare makes a request to your website. For exemple if you monitor your app from two regions every minute, it will result in: 60 (one per minute) x 2 (one per region) x 730 (average number of hours in a month) = ~90k events.

What if I use more events than allowed in my plan?

Free and Paid accounts offer a free overage of 10% above your authorized quota in case this happens, you will be notified before your account utilize overage quota as well as before your overage quota is exhausted. After this your resources will automatically be put in pause until the start of your next billing period.

Are technical skills required to use Phare?

Knowing the basics of internet lingo could come in handy, words like HTTP, SSL, or server are used throughout the platform. If you are comfortable having a business online that could benefit from using Phare, chances are that you will have no problem using it, and if not, do not hesitate to contact our support.

What is your refund policy?

If you are not satisfied with your paid Phare plan, you can get a no questions asked refund for at most the last 30 days of your subscription.

The best gift for your team, and your business

Phare offers a generous free monthly usage with unlimited team members. No credit card required, no hidden fees, no strings attached.

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