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Monthly changelog #15

Published on October 31, 2023 at 09:00

October has been a busy month, with the release of the new status pages feature, and two major features to help you manage incidents.

Supersonic status pages

Status pages are now available for all users, and they're the most carbon-efficient status page on the market with an incredibly fast load time. You can create unlimited status pages with a phare domain name, and personalize it with some limited branding options.

Status Page

You can expect more features to come in the following weeks as status pages and incident management are the main focus of the development pipeline until the end of the year.

New user role

A new Admin role is now available. This role is similar to the former Owner role, with the exception that it can't delete the organization, making it easier to share the management of an organization with other team members.

You can review the available permissions of each role in the user management documentation. Role can be modified on existing users, as well as directly when inviting a new user.

Invite user

Improved incident management

Incident management has been improved with two major features: impact and comments.

Project members can manually set the impact of an incident to help your users understand the severity of the incident when browsing your project's status page. You can learn more about how incident impacts work in the incident management documentation.

To help you resolve incidents faster, project members can now comment on the incident timeline. Comments can be written using a rich text editor, and are compatible with the Markdown syntax.

Incident impact & comments