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Weekly changelog #5

Published on April 02, 2023 at 10:36

This week Phare migrated to a new hosting provider, the migration took most of our time so this week is not as packed as the previous ones.

New hosting provider 🇪🇺

Phare migrated from AWS, in the Frankfurt region to Scaleway in Paris. The migration had two major goals, the first one is to rely more on European companies instead of US giants, and the second one to improve the energy footprint of Phare. I choose Scaleway's DC5 for its small energy consumption and reliability.

A few Phare services remain on AWS at the moments:

  • Monitoring is made with AWS Lambda, as Phare monitor from 6 regions in 3 continents.
  • Emails are sent from AWS SES, this will change in the future.
  • Phare's CDN is still on AWS S3, this will also change in the future.

Outside of AWS, Phare also use Cloudflare for DNS / DDOS protection and caching, it is planned that Phare migrate to

I still have a bit of work until Phare rely only on 100% European companies, but it's a work in progress and should be finished in the coming months, monitoring will most likely stay on AWS as there is no alternative at the moment, and it does not process any PII.

Incidents on performance chart

A small change, but a welcome one to the performance chart, as you can now see incidents directly, and how they impact your website performance.

Incidents on performance chart

Frequently asked questions

The pricing page now shows some frequently asked questions, that I hope makes everything more clear about how Phare works. This is a small first step to a fully fledged documentation.

Frequently asked questions