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Weekly changelog #4

Published on March 26, 2023 at 19:19

Plenty of new features were shipped in the past month, this week was all about reliability and speed.

Stress test

To make sure that Phare continue to work flawlessly under load, thousands of test monitors have been created for a few days to expose any performance weakness. We could identify a few culprits in the way we calculated uptime average and stored monitoring results, that are now fixed.

On older monitors, the statistic page could take up to a second to show, which is not on par with the rest of the website in terms of performance, it has been improved and should now be displayed in under 100ms.


Dealing with so many monitors was impossible without a pagination, which is now active on most pages like projects, environments, monitors, incidents, and alert policies.


Authentication pages redesign

A small redesign of the authentication pages was made to make the pages more coherent with the overall design of the new landing pages created last week.

Authentication pages


Finally, the most boring part, we published our terms of services and privacy policy. This was not the fun part of the week, but a necessary task as we approach open beta.