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Weekly changelog #2

Published on March 12, 2023 at 10:52

A lot of features to unpack for this second week of private beta, let's dive right ahead.

Discord integration

Discord is now an available integration, it can already be used for all types of alerts, and be configured to specific project and environments like the existing Slack and Email integration.

Discord integration

Incident management

Monitors now automatically create and resolve incidents, this behavior can be configured in each monitor's settings with two new parameters.

  • Incident confirmations: number of failing checks required before creating an incident.
  • Recovery confirmations: number of successful checks required before resolving an incident.

Incident management configuration

All incidents are shown in the incidents section of MinUptime, you can quickly see their status and act accordingly.


To help you fix the situation, a timeline of events linked to an incident is show on the incident's page.

Incidents timeline

New alert rules

Two new rules have been added with the introduction of incident management, one that trigger when a new incident is created and one when an incident has recovered.

Incident alert rules

Theses two new rules replace the former Monitor status changed rule that longer exists. All user's default alert policy rules have been updated to reflect this change.

Improved environment design

Environments default colors have been updated to more neutral tones. The overall display of environments in all screen has been updated to be more consistent with the use of the same icon everywhere.