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Weekly changelog #1

Published on March 05, 2023 at 10:48

It's the first week of private beta for Phare, welcoming the first few users, and receiving the first bug reports.

Creation of this changelog

Let's start by going full-circle, with the creation of this changelog, no screenshots included to avoid an infinite recursion.

Improved landing page

The landing page had mixed messages and got updated to improve clarity and show Phare's products

Improved landing page

Timezone and time format

Users can now select their Timezone and preferred time format (24 or 12-hour clock)

Timezone and time format

New monitor alert rules

Two new alert rules to receive alerts when a monitor is created or deleted

New monitor rules


Of course, for the first week with real user, I had to fix a few bugs:

  • When creating a new monitor, the success toast is no longer shown infinitely
  • It is now possible to integrate a Slack workspace / channel with a longer name than 30 chars
  • Resending the verification email on signup is now functional