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Monthly changelog #14

Published on September 30, 2023 at 09:00

September has been a busy month, with most of the work focused on the necessary foundations needed to build the new status pages feature.

Status pages preview

The status pages feature is close to release but still needs a bit of work. A first version should be available in October, but in the meantime here is a preview of what it will look like:

Status Page

This is still quite basic, and new features and branding options will be added to the status page builder in the future. The goal is to provide a simple and reliable status page that you can set up in a few minutes.

Status Page builder

European mail server

The mail server that is used to send you alert notifications has been moved to a new provider based in Europe, making Phare 100% european for non subscribed users. This is part of Phare commitment to privacy and data protection, using only services from company that are headquartered in Europe and host in european datacenters.

The only exception is now Stripe, a US based company, that is used to process billing information and payments.