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Weekly changelog #10

Published on May 27, 2023 at 19:58

This week Phare got improved time display on incident events and some other minor improvements.

Incident events improvements

Incident events now show more precise date and time information. With the exact time of the event, and the time elapsed since the creation of the incident.

Incident event date time

A tooltip with the exact date and time is also available on hover of all the already existing dates and times in the Phare dashboard.

Datetime tooltip

Minor improvements

Some work has been done on unit and features tests, which help me to make sure that the platform is stable and reliable. The most important parts of Phare are already fully covered, but many features of the dashboard are not yet tested.

The JavaScript library used for tooltips has been replaced by a newer version with a few breaking changes. This won't change anything for you, but it took some time to update the codebase to use this new version.