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Monthly changelog #17

Published on May 07, 2024 at 09:00

Incident comment and update alert

Two new alert rules have been created to let you know when your team is working on resolving an incident. The first one will alert you everytime a new comment is published on an incident timeline, and the second when a team member publishes a status update for the incident.

Incident alert rules

Alert policy duplication

You can now duplicate an entire alert policy with all its rules to adapt Phare to how your company needs to be alerted.


Phare is hosted in a new datacenter managed by Hetzner in Germany. The switch was made on May 2nd and resulted in ~6 minutes of downtime on uptime monitoring and ~ 10 minutes for dashboard access. Hopefully this infrastructure work will improve speed and reliability and speed even more.

A lot of work has also been put into disaster recovery, with four times more backup point every day and multi-region (in Europe) replication. This ensures that the service can be put back up with the smallest possible downtime in case our current datacenter has a major outage.

Other improvements

Some users were having trouble with pausing monitors which has been corrected, and others reported design inconsistencies on Firefox and mobile phones. Both issues have been fixed.